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A Multilayered Ring Of Protection

Leading-edge security safeguards operations at Port Corpus Christi

Providing a shield against terrorism while protecting port cargo, Port Corpus Christi Port Police partners with numerous local, state and federal agencies, as well as contracted forces, in deploying a layered approach to ensure the highest levels of security.

All of the port’s police officers are armed Texas peace officers and are certified in marine safety to operate the port’s all-weather-capable patrol boats.

Integrating intelligent video from hundreds of strategically placed cameras with such technologies as radar, sonar and long-range acoustic devices, Port Corpus Christi furnishes protection on the ground, on the water and underwater.

A distinctive badging system, in conjunction with the federal Transportation Worker I dentification Credential (TWIC), protects against unauthorized access to secure port facilities. The local TWIC enrollment center is conveniently located in the Contractors Safety Council Building at 7433 Leopard St., just off Interstate 37 exit 6.

From bolstered lighting and fencing to high-tech installations, such as biometric systems at all secure port areas, Port Corpus Christi has put to good use more than $60 million in federal and state port security grant funds.

Through implementation of a Security Management System (SMS), Port Corpus Christi promotes regulatory compliance and prevention of securityrelated incidents through a strategy of continual improvement and teamwork, while not impeding the flow of legitimate commerce.

To report suspicious activity at the port, call 361- 882-1182.