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Fire and Emergency Medical Services The Fire Department responds to more than 3,800 calls for service annually. The men and women of the Fire Department provide rapid, courteous and highly skilled assistance to those who are in need. The Fire Department also provides Emergency Ambulance Service to the City of Copperas Cove. Firefighters that are cross trained as Paramedics and EMTs staff the ambulances daily providing emergency medical treatment and transport for the community. Architecture services for the replacement of Fire Station Two, which will be located at the intersection of Grimes Crossing Road and W. Avenue B, is in progress and has a projected completion in the fall of 2013. The Copperas Cove Fire Department welcomed Fire Chief Burney Baskett to the department on July 15, 2013. Fire Prevention Fire Prevention has numerous responsibilities within the department to include inspections of business, investigations, and the enforcement of fire and life safety code, which allow the fire department to ensure the safety of our community. The Prevention office is also involved in the reviewing of new plats and plans for businesses and residential areas within the City. Community outreach is another important part of Fire Prevention. It is primarily the Fire Department’s responsibility to teach fire prevention but it is the community that needs to practice it and pass it on. So far in FY 2013 the Fire Department has visited with over 1,700 adults and 6,700 kids of all ages. This includes station tours, static displays, speaking engagements, and other events. Page 8 City of Copperas Cove 2013 Annual Report

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