City of Copperas Cove Annual Report 2013 City of Copperas Cove Annual Report 2013 : Page 24

2013 City of Copperas Cove Citizen Engagement and Priority Assessment In Spring 2013, the City of Copperas Cove asked all residents via utility bills to respond to a survey to support the following goals:  Support budget and strategic planning decisions.  Explore service assumptions to ensure service levels are well understood and compare improve-ments to the 2011 results.  Identify which services provide the greatest leverage on citizens’ overall satisfaction – and how satisfaction, in turn, influences the community’s image and citizen behaviors such as volunteering, remaining in the community, recommending it to others and supporting the current administra-tion.  Benchmark performance against a standardized performance index statewide, regionally and na-tionally. 551 citizens responded, providing a statistically sound measurement of citizen engagement and priori-ties. In 2011, 606 responded. Findings to Strengthen Engagement and Citizen Satisfaction Overall, citizens scored their overall satisfaction with Copperas Cove at 56 on a scale from zero to 100, with 100 the highest possible score. This is a 2 point improvement from 2011. Local Government Management [Mayor, City Council] (up 7 points), Economic Health (up 3 points) and Property Taxes (up 3 points) improved significantly between 2011 and 2013. The analysis also identified which aspects of life in Copperas Cove have the greatest leverage for im-provement. Those are Local Government Management, Economic Health, Property Taxes, Transpor-tation Infrastructure and Parks & Recreation. Page 24 City of Copperas Cove 2013 Annual Report

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