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Message from the City Manager In an effort to improve transparency and communication with our citizens, the City began preparing an annual re-port that provides readers with highlights of the City’s op-erations and the progress made over the past twelve month period. Additionally, the report highlights the many dedi-cated City employees that ensure citizens are provided with basic City services. Each year, City staff completes and presents the annual au-dit to the citizens and Council in March. The audit report is available for review on the City’s website home page un-der “City Reports” and “Financial Reports”. For years, the community has experienced tremendous traffic congestion and the City heard the complaints and received the requests of visitors and residents to improve the transportation through our City. Thus, after years of dedication and partnership building, the City was able to develop a financing model that created the benefits of three major roadway projects for our City. Since 2011, our community has been witness to progress on the State Highway 9, Southeast Bypass and FM 2657 Road Widening roadway projects. The SH 9 project is expected to be complete by calendar year end and the bypass project in 2014. The City appreciates the patience and understanding exhibited by its citizens and others traveling through our City during the construction. Our City has also been focused on attracting new businesses to and retaining existing businesses in our community. In January, residents welcomed Whataburger and in February our beautiful new HEB-Plus store. We also welcomed CVS Pharmacy and others to our great City this summer. Please continue to extend such warm welcomes to our new businesses by patronizing them as they open. Another focus in recent years has been on employee wellness. With rising healthcare costs and the un-certain impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed by the Federal Government in March 2010, the City was forced to change its focus to wellness to control healthcare costs. The City and Chamber of Commerce hosted a City Employee Wellness Walk/Run in April 2013. The City’s ef-forts to control healthcare costs and the employees’ commitment to helping ensure those costs remain reasonable are evident by the participation level in the first City Wellness event. Controlling healthcare costs helps control the impact on the tax rate. Citizen’s inquire about the City’s tax rate on a regular basis, but rarely ask what can be done to help. Residents of Copperas Cove can help decrease the City’s dependency on property tax revenues by be-lieving in and practicing “Find It In Cove, Buy It In Cove”. We hope you find this report both useful and educational. All citizens are encouraged to get involved with your local government by attending Council Meetings. Those meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesday of each month. If unable to attend the meetings, please watch the re-broadcast on the City’s Government Access Channel provided by Time Warner Cable. The City is also on Facebook and welcomes you to get involved in our community through social media. Page 2 City of Copperas Cove 2013 Annual Report

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